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Nail Surgery

Are you about to have a minor operation on your toe nail(s) and are not sure what to expect?  Let us put your mind at rest and reassure you that you're in great hands!

You will be given a local anaesthetic in your toe.  Once it has taken effect, you will no longer feel pain but you will feel the podiatrist touching and moving your toe.  You should eat normally beforehand but avoid alcohol for the previous twenty four hours.

When is Nail Surgery Required?
  • When a nail requires removal - for example, an ingrowing toenail

  • When a nail, fails palliative care - blackened, dystrophic

  • When a nail is chronic - recurrently troublesome

  • When a nail is fungal - chronically infected

  • When a nail causes pain and discomfort

When is Nail Surgery used?

The ​following can be treated under local anaesthetic at our clinic under digital, ankle or infiltration block:

  • Neurovascular Corns

  • Epidermal Cysts

  • Painful Verrucas

  • Spikectomy of Nail

  • Subungal Corns

This type of surgery uses a local anaesthetic to block the pain fibres allowing for a pain free, deeper and more accurate treatment to be given.

Watch a short video here
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